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Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter Series #4)

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh I've always liked Dimitri, even when I thought he was a shit to Elena. But that was his way of keeping her off balance, and protecting Raphael. I think Dimitri's past colored his view of Raphael and Elena's relationship.Dimitri's sexual courting of Honor was disturbing at first. And I still don't know if he was initially trying to help her get over the abuse she suffered, or if it was as he said, all about him getting some, the conquest. However, his slow, but constant pursuit, and sarcastic remarks brought her out of her shell.I also liked Honor's interaction with Sorrow. I hope to see a Sorrow/Venom romance. And even thought I loved Illium's devotion to Elena, I want him to find his own love. I hearts him.The only downside for me was having Raphael and Elena in the book. I don't think they were needed, nor do I think they really added much. Raphael's connection to Dimitri and Isis, could all have been handled in memories of what happened to them both. I also thought that Honor/Ingread was too easy a solution.But still a great read.