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Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter Series #2)

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh While I loved the story, I think I was more intrigued by the members of Raphael's Seven. They all seem to be broken in some tragic way.Out of all the members of the Seven, Illium is my favorite. I like that Elena considers him a friend. Raphael has stated that Illium is her favorite, but I wonder how much of that is because of Illium's personality and how much is because he is the only one of the Seven who is even remotely approachable. Dimitri and Venom both are sexual menacing death; Aodhan doesn’t like to be touched; Jason is almost submissive and silent; and Galen isn’t sure if he wants her dead. I’m missing one, but I can’t remember who.I did feel that meeting up with Elena's childhood antagonist was anti-climatic. We literally saw him for all of 30 seconds, then poof, gone. I would also have liked to know whether Elena’s nightmares were just the memories finally releasing, or if Lijuan had something to do with it, when she remade the vampire.And I so wanted Elena to go to her father and shove it in his face that she’s an Angel not a vampire.