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Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock Series #3)

Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock Series #3) - I liked it the book well enough, but two things had a sticking point with me. There are too many characters to keep track of, vampire clans, witches, and now the weres. Add in all the backstory, history and politics; it makes it hard for me to follow Jane's story.Also, I didn't understand Rick. Yes Rick and Jane haven't been dating long, but they are a couple for all intents and purposes. Yes they both have their secrets, but they tell each other enough to let the other in. What would it have hurt if Rick just said he was going undercover for a while and may not be able to contact her? His inviting her to breakfast and then showing up earlier with another woman, that was never explained.Magnolia/Maggie and Gee. Yes I understand that Gee was loyal to Leo and Leo loved Magnolia Sweets. If Magnolia were sane, would she have wanted to live the way she did as a were? Magnolia became the thing that Leo hated, she wouldn't have wanted to live, she expected to die, Gee should have followed through with that instead of letting her become such a slut puppy.The book just felt like it had too much going on, and now we add in Evie spelling people and Rick a cat. I dunno.