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Styx's Storm (Breeds Series)

Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh I hated this book with a fiery passion. Most reviewers have disliked Storme. She is actually one of the only characters of this story I liked.We start off with a 14 y/o old human girl raised in the breed labs. The only times she has contact with them is when they are in pain, so clearly they are in a feral state. She believes her mother was killed by a breed. Her father and brother ignore her, and pay more attention to their creation, showing them love and affection. Her father and brother are murdered by a breed, but her father's last words to her are not as a father to daughter, but as a creator wanting his creations protected. Storme is basically a courier. For the next ten years she is hunted by breed and council alike protecting a breed secret.Storme gets tricked into sex with a breed, whose sole purpose is to get her to trust him so he can get a super secret disk that may or may not have information that will help that jackass Jonas' adopted daughter. Styx then tries to tie her to him with a mating, and uses sex to lull her into a false sense of calm. Every time Storme does or says something that angers or upsets Styx, sex is the answer. While Storme doesn't have the mating heat like the others get, she has some form of it, and Styx using it against her is just chemical rape. And how many damned times does it have to be mentioned that Styx loves chocolate? The first 5 were more than enough.Oh yeah, another book, another Jonas manipulation.While the others acknowledge what she has been through, that her father clearly loved his creations more than her, they only tell her to hurry up and get over her prejudices because they are the good guys, and she has what they want. All of them are rude, nasty and threaten her at every turn. I felt like every one of them was acting out of character. Hope knew her from the labs, but had no sympathy and was just plain nasty. Cassie was dressed like a slut, and was overly catty.The book ends with Storme and Styx together (duh); Jonas gets his disk (raise your hand if you didn't see that happening); but no answers as to what the information on the disk actually is for or why Storme and Styx' mating happened the way it did.