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12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12) - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro Last night I finished this book. While I love James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's writing style, I'm not so sure I liked the characters in this installment, they all seemed OOC (out of character). I know Lindsay is a new mother, and most, not all, are very protective and scared for their newborns, especially when they are ill. I just found her to be very OOC . Also, for as much as they had her doing in this book, she might as well not have been in it. This was mainly Conklin.Because of this book, and this book only, I am done with Cindy. Yep, Cindy has always been ambitious, but was there a mini installment between 11 and 12 I don't know about? She's another that seemed OOC to me. But if I'm honest, I always liked tv version Cindy better than book version Cindy.Claire, also OOC. She just seemed to roll over and not fight her demotion at all. Again, stuff must have happened off book we didn't hear about.The only character I thought stayed true to form was Yuki. I like Yuki on her own merits, because she wasn't in the tv series, so I only had the book version to go by.I watched the series before I read the book, so I tend to see the tv characters when I read the books.As thick as this book was, it just fell flat for me.