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I see books. I buy books. Some get read. Some go on my growing pile of TBR.
Shifter Made - Jennifer Ashley I found this storyline totally unbelievable and a waste of my $.99.(1) Niall makes several comments about hating the Fae, how cold they are, etc.; yet he ends up sleeping with her hours after meeting her and they become mated.(2) I've read in a couple of books how Shifters don't really kiss, yet Niall doesn't seem to have this issue. Is this non-kissing a learned behavior?(3) In many of the books its implied, or I possibly misread, that the majority of the Shifters lived in the wild, not with the human population living as one of them; yet in this book Niall and his pups do.(4) The only good thing I found with this book is the tiny backstory of the Guardian's sword.