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Death Magic  - Eileen Wilks Once again I felt there was just too much going on in the book. We are on book 8, why is Lily still fighting Rule regarding bodyguards? They've been together long enough that she knows how he feels about her safety, especially with her being his mate. Why does she keep questioning the other lupi when it comes to how they feel about keeping her safe and following orders?There was a big plot hole where it came to the Rheges and dragons. They go off on this mysterious mission that they don't tell anyone about, not even their Rho's, we find out a missile goes off accidentally, but there is no backstory about it. All we know is that it was headed for the west coast. Was this due to Friar, she who cannot be named, an actual mistake? It's like that little section was just thrown in there.There was no explanation about the ghosts. Lily isn't a medium, so why is she able to see them, why are they letting her see them, why do they all have on gold wedding rings?The book just came across as pieces trying to fit together, but it didn't work for me. And Rule needs more to do instead of fretting and wringing his hands, while Lily does all the grunt work.The Brownies need their own damned book. Too cute.