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Mortal Ties - Eileen Wilks While the ending tells us Drummond would be back, he didn't really make much of an impact on me in this book, or the one before. Still haven't figured out what the gold rings on the ghosts mean.I get that Lily was raised a certain way. and her being in law enforcement, and she works a certain way. What I don't like is the fact that she is questioning everything re Lupi, almost as if they explain it to her she can condone it. And she and Rule have been together long enough that she shouldn't still be getting her back up re bodyguards. I also felt it was anti-climatic and too convoluted that Rule's half-brother just happened to be a thief who had slept with Robert Friar. Lily's sister Beth just happened to be in lust with her boss, Sean Friar, who happens to be half-brother to Robert Friar.I was going to originally give it 4 stars, but too many things were tidied up too neatly. This one felt off to me.