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Stygian's Honor - Lora Leigh I gave the book 2 stars only because I liked the premise of the plot. However I have many issues with this book.1 This Amber storyline has been drawn out long enough. Either find the cure or let Amber pass.2 Once again it's borderline rape with the breeds using their sexuality to get the women to bend to their wills. Yes the women eventually say yes, but it's always no until they use the mating heat on them. The breeds are just Wyatt's whores. He says take them to bed, they do.3 Why hasn't anyone put a bullet in Jonas Wyatt yet? Even the breeds threaten to kill him because of his constant manipulations. He wanted a breed to betray his mate, their biggest taboo, in order to get his way. He has no problem risking someone else's life if it furthers his agenda.4 This book needed major editing. So many grammatical errors and missing words.5 The last couple of books the women have been whiners.6 The sex scenes are redundant. Seriously Liza was covering her breasts all through the damn book. Wear something that isn't always showing your hard nips.7 Liza, for someone who has read all these files on breeds, as well as having been taught to lie, why do you always act so surprised when they can smell and sense you?8 I feel like I am reading the same book over and over, the names have been changed.8 Leigh, Feehan, Hamilton and Ward...it's time to end your repetitive series. The sex scenes are the same, the love interests are the same and nothing is ever resolved.Bored now.