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I see books. I buy books. Some get read. Some go on my growing pile of TBR.
Bullet - Laurell K. Hamilton Same old, same old. Anita gains a new power, gains a new male lover, has issues with sex, has issues with her male lovers having sex with other males or even females, fights with the bad guys, fights with the good guys, Anita wins in the end.I see the author has been watching Bones. Throughout the book Anita is constantly saying 'I don't understand', 'what does that mean'. Tempest Brennan, on the tv show Bones, always says 'I don't know what that means'. It gets old very quickly.I amaze myself because I always bitch about this series, yet I always end up reading the next installment. The only good thing is, I stopped buying the books. I won't actually pay for them anymore, because its the same scenario in every book.