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Take it Like a Vamp - Candace Havens I found this book very enjoyable. I thought it was a cute story, and a quick read. Although I did find the title misleading because while the love interest is a vamp, its not really a big part of the story, other than being a big part of HIS angst.I found Casey to be funny, snarky, with normal body image hangups. I do think Ms. Havens was over the top with all the 'new' men thinking she is perfect, and the word sweet was tossed around entirely too much.I found the bestfriend, Linc, to be more interesting than Nick, and there really wasn't all that much of Linc. If this became a series, I would buy the second book, if it were about Linc and Bennett.The bad side was that there were numerous grammatical and punctuation errors. But despite this, I enjoyed it.