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Lawe's Justice (Breeds, #26) - Lora Leigh Much like Laurell K. Hamilton, I like the premise of Ms. Leigh's book, but the stories are really grating on my nerves.Ms. Leigh set up the backstory of how the breeds came to be, mating fever, and how the Breeds reacted once they found their mate.It was hot and sexy to have that deep attention and sexual desire on one person. But we're on book 26, and my fascination has turned to 'this is borderline rape and kidnapping'.I had such a strong reaction to a previous Breed book that I all but called it rape. They deliberately used the mating heat against a woman to get information from her. Frankly their tactics are no better than the Council.I get it, their lives are in constant danger from the Council. If they are taken they will be experimented on or used against their mate. However, there isn't enough love or chemical in the world to take that constant smothering and 'protecting you from yourself' BS.Also, 26 books in and we are no closer to rounding up all Council members, coyotes, traiters, and now even more Breeds in hiding.Unfortunately I forgot how I felt reading the last book, and bought this one and the most recent.